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Baishan Medicine - Sunshine elderly exclusive patent new packaging was unveiled at the 69th China Drug Fair

From April 25th to April 27th, the 69th China Drug Fair opened at Wuhan International Expo Center. The fair has more than 3,400 booths, attracting more than 2,000 pharmaceutical companies from home and abroad, and the number of professional visitors is expected to reach 130,000. This is the largest and most influential industry event in China's pharmaceutical industry.
It was established in 2010 and currently owns three subsidiaries of Hebei Baishan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Baishan Tangwei (Zhangzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hebei Baishan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 250 million Baishan Pharmaceutical. Debuted in the special area A1F07 of this drug fair.
Baishan Pharmaceuticals presented the drug fair to the audience.

Sunshine old people, Baishan for the people, Hualaan three series of product brands, this drug fair will focus on the drug fair with the sun-based old people, making the professional audience refreshed and become a highlight of this drug fair.
On the morning of the first day of the drug fair, Baishan Pharmaceutical colleagues received nearly a thousand (second) intentional customers. What content attracted the audience to pay attention to Baishan? What is the content that makes Baishan stand out from the more than 2,000 participating pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad?

Baishan Pharmaceutical is one of the more than 2,000 participating pharmaceutical companies in this year's drug fair. It is the first pharmaceutical company in China to provide a professional foothold in the elderly health industry. It is aimed at the most promising group of people in today's Chinese society. ----- Older groups.
Baishan Medicine takes "filial piety culture" as the core culture of the enterprise and tailors the Sunshine old series products for the elderly.
Sunshine is a cold, laxative, and smoldering medicine designed for the elderly; blood pressure, hypoglycemic, and tranquil medicine; hurricane, pain relief, and brain medicine. Full service for old age! (As shown in the figure) At present, there are more than ten varieties in the Sunshine Elderly series. Among them, the Sunshine Elderly, which is designed for the elderly, is a unique product of Baishan Medicine, which attracts many interested customers!



At the same time, Baishan Pharmaceutical has brought another highlight: the Sunshine elderly exclusive patent "one nest" new packaging. The memory of the elderly has declined, and it has been forgotten that no drugs have been eaten; it is impossible to remember to eat a few tablets at a time; it is not uncommon to have such a serious problem that the wrong dose is at risk.
Sunshine Senior® exclusive patented plate making a new habit of taking medicine for the elderly. According to the amount of each product taken, the “one dose of medicine” is designed, “one litter at a time”, so that the elderly can easily take it without using the amount of medication. Patent No.: 201220664619.9 (pictured) This patent has never been seen in domestic pharmaceutical companies, attracting the attention of countless participants, and the staff of Baishan will give a detailed introduction to the audience (pictured).



In 2013, Baishan Pharmaceutical's Baishan for the People's Series of products was unveiled with the unified image of “Baishan Family”, and the unique packaging made the product more quality. It contains more than 30 varieties of medicines in the fields of cold, bonfire, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, gynecology, or orthopedics, which makes the original customers of this exhibition more love the products of Baishan for the people, but also attracts a large number of new intent customers


This drug fair, Baishan Pharmaceutical brand new gynecological product brand Hua Lai, first launched! The company currently includes three products, including Gynecology Hemostatic Tablets, Shenghong Qingshui Tablets and Gengnianling Capsules, which have received extensive attention from the audience.
The 69th China Drug Fair lasted for three days, the high temperature continued, and the people were lingering. At this point, it has been successfully concluded. Baishan Pharmaceutical is full of high-quality customers and bid farewell to Wuhan. The spring is bright and the confidence is full. Let us witness the more brilliant future of Baishan Pharmaceutical!

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