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I would like to ask you, what is the trend, trend, is irresistible. Then, in the face of choice, we need enough wisdom!
A famous master in China said, "Trend is like a horse. If you chase behind a horse, you will never catch up with it. You can only ride on a horse to be as fast as a horse. This is called instant success."
There used to be a top 500 company in the world, Kodak, who made film. In 1991, he was 10 years ahead of his counterparts in the world. But in January 2012, he went bankrupt and was sold out of digital cameras because they did not need film.
When "Sony" is still immersed in the joy of leading digital cameras, suddenly found that the world's best selling cameras is not him, but the "Nokia" mobile phone, because each mobile phone is a camera, "Sony" performance year after year, a substantial loss, and eventually collapsed;
Then, the original computer "Apple" came out to make mobile phones, the world's largest mobile phone "Nokia" was killed, and there is no backlash, in September 2013, "Nokia" was acquired by Microsoft;
There are many such cases. The advent of 360 directly turned antivirus into free, eliminating Jinshan drug tyrant.
The 1 trillion sales of Taobao e-commerce in 2012 forced the traditional retail giants such as Suning and Guomei to transform, forced Li Ning Clothing to close more than 1,800 stores nationwide, and even the world's largest retail giant Wal-Mart, which launched satellites in the sky, could not stand up. If Ma Yun's "rookie" operation succeeded, the dream of nationwide arrival would come true within 24 hours. How many related enterprises will fail?
With the launch of Ma Yun's "E-bank" in 18 days, he collected 57 billion yuan of fund deposits and began to rob banks of their jobs; with the launch of the online insurance companies in Sanma, it is expected that 2 million insurance workers will be unemployed in the next five years.
With the introduction of Tencent Weixin, 600 million users are still increasing, directly robbing China Mobile, Telecom and Unicom of their jobs.
In the past, our industry was mainly concentrated in the field of health products for the elderly. We were good at selling tangible products such as health care products, nutritional food, health equipment and so on. We did not involve health care and rehabilitation services, home services, etc. Under the new situation, people from all walks of life have entered the old-age industry, possibly occupying the most basic level of home-based pension in the old-age industry. By providing daily household services and catering services, we can establish the relationship with the elderly customers, and then enter into the business of health consumer goods, old-age tourism and so on.
The core of the country's old age industry is health and daily life services, which extend to tourism and cultural fields. The future policy and environment will undoubtedly be of great benefit to us.
However, it is not only good, but also threatening. The threat is that the industry is so rich that a large number of powerful foreign enterprises have entered.
Eighty percent of the private hospitals in China are Putian people, commonly known as Putian Gang. In 2014, this year, Weng Guoliang, the powerful leader of Putian Gang, was the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Wanhao International Group, a group with two listed companies in Hong Kong, whose main business is medicine and medical treatment. In November last year, Weng Guoliang succeeded in persuading Feng Lun, chairman of Wantong Group, and Liu Yonghao, founder of New Hope Group, to become his allies, aiming at developing medical property, medical management services, medical industry funds and even starting medical schools.
There are insurance companies, and health products for the elderly are also the focus of their sales. Now insurance companies mainly focus on the old-age real estate, the old-age community, they succeed, all will lose a large market position.
In people's minds, property is the maintenance of community facilities, responsible for security, parking fees, but now, even property companies have to do home care, they feel that doing this business is more advantageous than other companies. Really, the property keeps the door of the residential area one card and no outsiders are allowed to enter. Can the old people in the community be at their mercy?
Do you know how the 311 that we used to be a cancer-killer has changed now? There are many stores in a city, high-end experience equipment, hundreds of people come into stores every day, from daily department stores to health food and equipment.
Do you know how Victor, a great team in the industry, has done in the past two years? E-commerce + physical stores + community pension.
In 2014, the time has come to test us. We should consider how to occupy some communities, through cooperation with streets and neighborhood committees, to assume some functions, not only for the government, but also for the elderly, that is, to do a good job of relations, but also to solve the source of customers, we must first ensure that we have enough attraction to attract customers, but also have confidence that our customers are not robbed, the latter depends on how we cut the products. In.
This is fast, can't wait, slow action, be careful to be other peers to take the lead, that is their own narrower and narrower, and finally really no way to go.
Therefore, there is today's "sunshine elderly" home care health management business vision.


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