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On the basis of the existing market, we should strive to make every store in every market into the ideal state of the envisaged "Sunshine Old Man" home-based health management center, and create a model market in all parts of your country replicate according to this model create more such markets form a virtuous cycle of replication.
We should respond positively to the national policy of providing for the aged at home. We should really implement what the government wants to do but has no energy to do. We are not selling products. We are engaged in a noble cause: caring for the elderly.
We should make sure that the society recognizes and the government supports us.
The old man is at ease, the children are at ease.
We need not only popularity, but also reputation which is more important than popularity. "Sunshine Elderly" Home-based Care Health Management Center
1. Basic Conception
In order to respond to the national concept of home-based pension and coordinate with the implementation of the national home-based pension policy, we will mainly focus on health management consultation in the future. We will manage the health of the elderly systematically, digitally and scientifically, and provide health management consultation for the elderly at home. The basic functions of the center are to sign effective agreements with the managed person or their children, to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, and to issue monthly health reports of the managed person and send them to the managed person and their children. Any examination other than that required by the agreement may be further examined with the consent of the child or himself. Children will be notified of emergencies as soon as possible. We can recommend a series of regular products from relevant countries for those who need medicines or auxiliary devices or supplies.
2. Benefits of doing so
(1) From the perspective of managed persons:
It doesn't matter how long the children don't come back, because they have a place to go, that is, to come to our home-based pension management center, so that they can depend on the old and enjoy the old, and occasionally they can enjoy the happiness of family with the children once in a while when they come back.
Our guardianship is guaranteed in terms of physical health, and they can rest assured.
Even have their own full-time health care instructor.
(2) From the perspective of managed children:
Firstly, we are the official listing agency with state permission, government support and staff's certificate to work, so that they can rest assured.
Second, when they have no time, no energy and no ability to take care of their parents, professional people help them take care of their parents, and send them regular reports on their parents'health status, so that they can keep abreast of their parents' health status at any time.
Therefore, although they are not around their parents, they are not worried, because they know that their parents are not alone, because someone always cares about and loves their parents, so he can visit them when he has time.
Even if they are not at home for a long time, they don't worry about what happens to their parents, because they know that there are professional people to take care of their parents and send them regular reports on their health.
So they can put more thoughts and energy into their family or business, and they will be grateful to us.
(3) From the perspective of national government departments:
Regular institutions, certified post, to help the state and local governments to solve problems, the government strongly supports.
We should not only manage the health of the elderly, but also set up "Health Knowledge Classroom" and "Happy Life Classroom" in the Health Management Center. Not only the physical health of the elderly, but also the psychological health.
Note: Some of our existing staff have already registered for the "senior nutritionist certificate" with double certification from the Ministry of Labor and the State Health Department. We also need to apply for the "old-age nurse certificate" and "health management certificate" for our staff, so that when they engage in this cause, they must hold certificates to work and reach the level of national certification.

3. Layout planning:
The ultimate goal is to set up a health management center covering a 2-kilometer radius and to set up a number of "Sunshine Elderly" home-based health management centers in a city. Even the "Sunshine Elderly" home care health management center developed to the township.
If the team is not equipped to set up multiple management centers, at least one health management center should be used as the basis to set up several small independent teams, so as to prepare for the establishment of multiple health management centers when the conditions are ripe in the future.
4. Central objectives:
(1) Let customers know about diseases, health knowledge, distinguish between truth and falsehood, seek the best treatment plan and escort themselves through health class. Less detours, less money, less hospitalization and less suffering.
(2) Create a pleasant environment for customers to enjoy themselves and depend on them, and have a real place of spiritual support (Community Home Care Service).
(3) Through the happy life hall, free distribution of traditional culture, filial piety culture CD-ROM, books, etc., to achieve the promotion of traditional Chinese culture, filial piety culture spirit, establish positive energy, win reputation and social recognition.
4. Changing the mentality of the elderly and establishing their correct outlook on life through the evaluation of the sunshine elderly. Let them also devote themselves to the "Sunshine Elderly" home care, spread health, love and positive energy, let them understand their health and happiness, spread health and merits.
(5) Through the solid work of the health management center, let the children of the elderly accept and trust us. We not only provide perfect services and formal products, but also promote family and social harmony and achieve family and prosperity.
3. Customer objectives
1. We want our customers to understand that we are not just selling products, we are doing the "Sunshine Old Man" home-based pension business. We want our elderly friends to recognize us, trust us, rely on us, so that they are willing to sacrifice their surplus heat for this noble cause. We should let the children of the old man recognize us, believe in us, be willing to let his parents deal with us, and be willing to give his parents to us.
In this way, we can achieve the ideal benign state of an old man in our management center and a family of unpaid propagandists.
2. In the future, the Sunshine Old People who visited the factory will use their strength to publicize other products of the group company, such as Tangwei Capsule, a diabetic product with remarkable complications, Shenwu Jiannao Capsule (anti-brain failure capsule) for middle-aged and elderly people, Hanzhiluoda Capsule for hemiplegia caused by apoplexy, and so on, so as to let the customers selected as Sunshine Old People participate in the tour. At the same time, we can achieve the sales of new products, achieve the win-win situation of customers'benefit, management center and group company's benefit, brand fame and profit.

IV. Requirements for Joining Teams
We need to let every franchise team understand that we are not selling products, we are running the business of the elderly, we are not only giving franchise team one or several products, but also giving him a direction, giving him a career, to let them get rid of their consciousness of being drug sellers, but also to let consumers get rid of the feeling that we are drug sellers. Every franchiser team should be aware of and firmly believe that joining Sunshine Old Man is a business that not only makes money but also enjoys happiness, but also can rest assured that it will last a lifetime. So,
First of all, the most important thing is to have a team.
Secondly, the team should not only sell products, but also have culture. Because only a team leader with culture is a thoughtful person, willing to do something but may not have a platform for development, we can give him a platform for development and growth, so they can better understand and accept our ideas, our culture can be willing to follow us all the year round to engage in this cause.
The correct profit model should be: fame first, reputation first, and then profit, which is the long-term profit is Italy, so that both fame and profit can be achieved. Conversely, it's small profit, short profit.
Therefore, we can't just focus on sales, the idea of profit first will make us unable to defeat, or unwilling to persist for a long time, thus deviating from the direction. We need to deeply understand this truth. We can't judge heroes by their temporary success or failure. We need to see who laughs longer.
Having said so much, I don't know if you understand it or not, and if there is a clear concept in your mind, then I would like to use Chairman Mao's seven articles to summarize what I said today, which is also a summary of what we are going to do today, to see how Chairman Mao emerged from scratch and grew up.

First: Why can the Red Regime exist? "
_Establishing the goal of the general trend of the times.
So is our goal now also the trend of the times and popular expectations, at least to cater to the present and future market demand?
Chapter 2: The Struggle of Jinggangshan
Learn to survive in the crack.
Many of our current markets do not exist in the cracks. We also need to learn from Chairman Mao's survival in the cracks, but also continue to learn and analyze the market, so that when opportunities mature, we can break through.
Chapter 3: A Spark can start a prairie fire
Successful Experience + Successful Reproduction and Promotion
Successful experience and methods learned from surviving in the crack can be tried when time comes to build a second base, a third base, so that the sparks can start a prairie fire.
Chapter 4: On Protracted War
If you don't judge a hero by his temporary success or failure, it depends on who laughs to the end.
Chairman Mao's theories of advancing, retreating, encircling the cities in the countryside and giving up temporarily for better victory in the future are all explaining that we should not win or lose in the light of temporary success or failure, but depend on who can fight to the end. Therefore, we should also have such ideological and psychological preparations. We should not retreat whenever we encounter difficulties. If Chairman Mao retreated at that time, we would not have me. Today we are. If we retreat today, where will our future be?
Chapter 5: Transforming Our Learning
_Not only should we continue to learn, but also constantly reflect on learning.
Chairman Mao pointed out that the movement of criticism and self-criticism should be carried out continuously on the road of revolution. In order to avoid erroneous routes, we are also likely to deviate from our goals at any time. Therefore, we should not only keep learning, but also constantly reflect on learning, constantly carry out criticism and self-criticism, and keep a clear mind at any time.
Chapter 6: On the United Government
_To borrow strength, to borrow momentum. Individual + Team + Group = Great Union
As we all know, now is the era of cooperation, the strength of a person is limited, the strength of the team is infinite. In fact, the group is also composed of one person by one, so we should form a team to cooperate sincerely with each other. The combination of the team and the team can be a group. So now, our individual, plus the current team, plus our group company, that is an unprecedented alliance. His power is beyond imagination.
Just like Russia today, for the sake of Crimea, a Ukrainian city with a population of more than 2 million, it would not hesitate to offend many western developed countries, including Germany, France and so on, or even to wage war. I believe their leaders are sober-minded and much smarter than we are.
Like NATO, such as the European Union, such as the G-20 Summit, BRICS countries, and the SCO represented by our country, they are all joint among countries. Countries and countries have joined together. So why don't we join together?
Chapter 7: To Carry the Revolution to the End
Firm faith, never change one's ambition throughout one's life
As Chairman Mao appointed many policies in that year, even after many years of Chairman Mao's death, future generations still proceeded as planned. For example, the Three Gorges Dam and the South-to-North Water Transfer Project were all policies that Chairman Mao laid down when he was alive.
Then, since we have a grand goal, no matter how difficult the road is, how tortuous the road is, we should hold our head up resolutely, look at our goal, firmly believe in it, and remain unchanged throughout our life.
This is the way we are going to follow. After many years of hard struggle, the Mao people have established a clear goal and achieved the brilliance of today's China.
I believe that I firmly believe that as long as we follow our established line, we will surely achieve our brilliance in a few years. This brilliance belongs to everyone and everyone who is willing to fight for this cause.


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