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You may be excited. If we can reach that state, we will achieve a certain scale. Even the government has to take the initiative to talk to us. Ok, yes,
But I just can’t do it, it’s too big.
Or you can say that my market has no culture at all, and it is too difficult to reach the state you said.
Or you can say that you are talking too much and don't know where to start.
Then I said that we can do every market, and it is completely OK. At the very least, I believe that you can do 100%.
For example, the slogan begins with the slogan and purpose of the propaganda. You say that you can't do this, but you can't do it, but you don't have to spend the slogan without spending money. You can't say it can't be done?
Because there is a saying, the lie says it is a hundred times.
So, we have to start with a sentence, a slogan. such as
Less detours, less money, less hospitals, less sin
Spread health, spread love, spread positive energy
I am healthy and happy, and spreading health is merit.
Help the children of the world to filial piety, let the parents of the world laugh, and share the worry for the party and the government.
Hundreds of good filial piety, filial piety
The old talents being cared for are the elderly in the sun.
"Sunshine Old Man" makes the world's old people become - the elderly in the sun...........

    The next step is that we must have a correct market operation philosophy. What do you mean? If we don't have a correct business philosophy, our market can still operate now, but it will always have such problems after a long time. In the end, the problem is getting more and more serious, so that we can't do it while we are doing it. At that time, we still blame the big environment.
    So, what kind of correct business philosophy is there to make us invincible for a long time?
    Today, what I want everyone to say is to balance the "five elements" management theory: you are
Five elements in business
“Quality, brand, market share, profit, anti-risk”
The five elements in management are like the relationship between Jinmu Shuihuo and Shuangyin. It must be balanced. If you invest too much in a certain link, or ignore a certain link, you will break the balance. Once you break the balance, you will be asked. The problem is difficult to maintain for a long time. This management theory is not only suitable for us, but also for every industry and enterprise.
Next, I will mention a few specific implementation plans for all the aspects that the market can do.
★In-store experience products and health products..........
★Experience products must persist in long-term work............
★In-store chemical drug counters.......
★ Tips for working hours and processes in the store..........
★ Zhouhui system, monthly meeting system......
★ Senior Nutritionist Certificate, Senior Caregiver Certificate, Health Manager Certificate.......
    After obtaining these certificates, you can write a health management consultation on the business scope of the industrial and commercial registration and business license. At this time, you can officially list: Sunshine Elderly Home Health Management Consulting Center
    Officially listed, licensed to work, then our behavior is completely legal, work is bold, and can avoid many unnecessary malicious complaints.
    And now the state clearly stipulates that the market is: the law has no ban, but the government part is:
★ In-store TV, computer, courseware, music and video........
★ formal and perfect sales channels..........
★Preliminary sales model..........
★How to make good use of existing old customers..........
★Open branch plan..........
★The promotion and planning are highly unified.........
★The business department uniformly prints promotional materials..........
★About the selection of the elderly in the sun
    The selection of Sunshine's old people should be like the NPC deputies, and the county-level sunshine old people, the provincial-level sunshine old people, and the national-level sunshine old people.
    First of all, it is possible to conduct a selection and commendation oath meeting for local or provincial sunny people based on each team.
    Secondly, 2-3 national sensational elections for the elderly at the national level, the National Sunshine Elderly Appeals Conference was held at the group headquarters, or in different tourist attractions across the country, or in the locations of the Sunshine Elderly Business Divisions with outstanding performance.
    The company is fully responsible for all the expenses required by the conference, so that you can earn a lot of popularity. Even if it is selected as the market place for the National Sunshine Elderly Commendation Conference, the company can also give certain rewards.
Was rated as "sunshine old man"
    To carry out: "Sunshine Old Man" Medal Wearing Ceremony
    And carried out: "Sunshine elderly" collective oath ceremony.
    The "Sunshine Old Man" swearing word should be made into a display board and put into the store, so that everyone who enters the store can see it. This is our corporate culture.
    Think about it, these elderly people, if you can let their children agree to deal with us, they will be very happy, because now how many older people are afraid to tell their children what products they eat; if they pass the verification of time Their children also think that their parents are very good at dealing with us, then we will not worry about the service? How much publicity they will bring us.
At that time, like the old university, the retired veteran cadres of all units, we can all have a nest, but also no customers?
    Members of the Sunshine Elderly Division must also wear badges and swear in front of the swearing-in words of the "Sunshine Elderly" division.
    I hope all colleagues in the industry can find their way in the confusion, find the power in the maintenance, create brilliant in the light.

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