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From the point of view of production and sales, the chaotic state of the pharmaceutical and health care products industry in recent years has forced every effort to cut corners, falsify, and even abandon the bottom line from every aspect of R&D, production, investment, publicity, and sales. Phenomenon, such a vicious circle, and finally lead to every link, whether it is a production enterprise, a business investment company, or a sales team, is extremely difficult to struggle, or even unable to survive, let alone big development, this situation even domestic Many well-known companies are not immune.
From the patient's point of view, propaganda is overwhelming, messy, arbitrarily made, nonsense; products are varied, strange, true and false. The ones that were made were dazzled, dizzy, spent money, walked the road, and finally became angry and denied everything. It’s fake to see the propaganda and selling drugs. It’s a lie to see the meeting. If you haven’t opened it, you will think about it and you want to lie to him. The real thing is fake. We really want to do things. It won't go any longer.
From the government's point of view, from the inability to ignore supervision (previously, it does not matter if you spend money, it is related to eating undead, love 咋 咋 dripping), to the pain to resolve to rectify (in 2013, four non-food, food hygiene inspection Now that the relationship is good, who dares to give you a big package, and propose a new pension model last year, to allow and encourage private capital to fully enter the field of health care and health care. Let the people who really do things in this field go through the roller coaster-style ups and downs and see the great hope and dawn of the future. (Because of China's current rapid development of aging, a series of problems with empty nesters, as well as reports on the living conditions of elderly people such as pension methods and huge data, we will not repeat them here.)
From the perspective of future development, it is the era of cooperation and the era of resource integration. If we want to develop rapidly, we must seek more cooperation. We must integrate all the effective resources we can integrate to achieve common development and mutual benefit. A win-win situation.
Therefore, combined with our current thinking and advantages, coupled with the country’s clear policy on the industrialization of the elderly, in order to give more people and ideals a good platform, in order to create a permanent and large socially renowned institution in the future. A special idea is put forward, that is, "sunshine elderly" home care and health management.
At that time, the “Sunshine Elderly” home care and health management department will be established.
Established "Sunshine Elderly" Home Care Health Management Consulting Center
I hope that the grand vision of the "Sunshine Elderly" Home Care Health Management Division will get more people's attention and recognition, and hope that more people and teams will join the "Sunshine Elderly" home care health management business. (It is necessary to declare here that our Sunshine Home Care and Wellness Management Center will not affect any local regional brands. You can add your brand to the front and call xxx Sunshine Home for the elderly. Management Center, when we have all kinds of sunny people all over the country, we will tell you in advance that we don’t want everyone to think about it. Is it what we want to do? We want mutual benefit. So we say If you are at ease, please understand it.)
    In order to be able to establish the "Sunshine Elderly" Home Care Health Management Division in accordance with the ideal state of vision.
    In order to enable the current team and the future joining team to move from the mentality of selling drug users to the ambitious goal of engaging in the elderly in China.
    In order to enable consumers to think of us as pharmaceutical manufacturers and drug sales personnel, we are overstepping the transformation of the country's home-based pension policy.
    In order to achieve the highest sales level of products sold in the service process.
    In order to achieve a win-win situation in which the company, the team and the individual can both fame and fortune in the future.


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