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Baishan Medicine. Sunshine Elderly Series Drug Agents Merchants Brochure

If you are a pharmaceutical agent, or want to get involved in this field

If you have had this confusion in the process of drug agents:

1. Do not invest in making money, invest in it and fear that the production enterprise will take back the market;

2. The production enterprise has no development ideas and management ideas, either it can't be done, or it can be messed up, or the follow-up products can't keep up;

3. Larger corporate conditions are harsh, small businesses fight prices, and product quality cannot be guaranteed;

4. In short, there is no sense of security, so I have represented a number of manufacturers' products and want to reduce the risk. The result is busy and chaotic.


If you want to find a company with integrity, strength, philosophy, and development prospects, long-term common development, gain a sense of business accomplishment and profit! Then, please join us-----Baishan Pharmaceutical Group

The well-built giant wheel of Baishan Medicinehas already set sail, and he will become a dazzling pearl in the Chinese OTC brand market and the Chinese elderly health products market!

Would you like to take this giant ship and sail with him? Let us know each other and make a careful choice!

I. About Baishan Medicine

Hundreds of good filial piety, filial piety

Baishan Pharmaceutical Group owns three pharmaceutical manufacturers and one commercial trading company, and targets its services to more than 200 million elderly people in China. This part of the population will be the fastest growing population and the fastest growing consumer demand in the future. The fastest growing segment of consumer power:

Current market demand for special-purpose products for the elderly: 600 billion

By 2020, the demand in this part of the market will grow to: 2 trillion

And the current supply of specialized products for the elderly is only: 100 billion

Serious imbalance between supply and demand, huge market potential!

Second, about Baishan products and "sunshine elderly"

In response to this huge market demand, after years of accumulation, collection, research and development, we already have hundreds of product reserves, involving many health areas such as geriatric care, health care, rehabilitation, prevention, fast-moving consumer goods, etc. Going deep into the market and launching one after another. And the brand we designed for the elderly tailored series is called: "Sunshine Old Man"!

"Sunshine Old Man" is a tailor-made for the elderly, covering a wide range of products in the healthy life of the elderly has been fully attacked!

Third, Baishan Pharmaceutical has an experienced and passionate marketing management team:

The leader of this team is the father-in-law of the history of China's OTC drug development, and other members have extensive experience in medical management. More importantly, the interest in the OTC brand is even obsessed with bringing them together and inspiring to make a difference. In this team atmosphere, you will experience the joy of innovative marketing.

Chairman of Baishan Pharmaceutical Group: Mr. Han Zhiqiang

Founder of Sunstone Pharmaceutical

Starting from zero, we have built the first and largest professional women's and children's drug manufacturer in China, Sunshi Pharmaceutical;

What followed was the two brands that were one of the best in the field: good dolls and Confort;

It is precisely these two brands that have made the largest acquisition in the history of Chinese medicine;

Once again, to achieve a good company, rewriting the brand myth is the firm belief and lifelong goal of Han.

Fourth, the "sunshine elderly" products that have been listed

According to our brand strategy plan, we will start with the OTC drugs for the elderly, and gradually transition to health care products, fast-moving consumer goods and other fields. The products that have already been listed are:

product name


Product advantages

Shenwujiannao Capsule (anti-brain-deficiency capsule)

Strengthen your brain, promote sleep, improve memory, prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease

Only two competing companies already have fixed consumers

Cold heat tablets

Treating a cold

Classic prescription, exclusive dosage form, no sugar, ephedrine, suitable for the elderly

Tongbianling capsule



Run intestine + qi, the most suitable prescription for allergic constipation in all laxatives

Bitter gallbladder


Bonfire does not diarrhea, suitable for the elderly

Papaya slice

Treating rheumatism and bone pain, the waist and legs are not working

Pure traditional Chinese medicine prescription, fast pain, no stomach injury, national medical insurance

Qingnao Jiangya Tablet

Quickly eliminate head discomfort caused by unstable blood pressure

Has fixed consumer groups, build brand advantage, national medical insurance

Niuhuang Jiangya Capsule

Smooth buck, prevent concurrency

Only two competing companies, national health insurance

Xinshen Capsule

Raise the heart and calm the nerves, help sleep

Exclusive products, the most repeat customers after listing, can solve insomnia that has not been solved for many years.

V. Our cooperation

A wonderful career is inseparable from excellent franchisees. We sincerely invite you to achieve the perfect cause together! Now we are looking for regional and county OTC drug agents for all provinces in the country. You can contact us if you meet one of the following conditions:

1. Have a certain investment strength (more than 100,000 yuan) and expect to obtain long-term sustained returns;

2. Have rich marketing experience and network of OTC or fast moving consumer goods;

3. There are rich government resources and connections in the region, and are willing to display themselves through this platform;

4. Strong interest in OTC and FMCG brand marketing, and willing to take this as a career

We will provide you with:

1. Complete training and management system

2. Unified progressive brand marketing strategy and organization

3. Long-term stable development platform and sustained growth of benefits

4. Perfect market protection and management

Six, the advantages of cooperation with us

1. Because our management team has more than ten years of successful OTC brand marketing planning and management experience, you don't have to have experience and experience in this area. As long as you like this field, we can go hand in hand.

2, our cooperation is based on brand cooperation, rather than the cooperation of some individual products, so in the future, what you are benefiting is the revenue from the continuous brand product line.

3. Our company's development direction has been recognized and supported by many government departments, and the development prospects of enterprises are limitless.

4. Our production managers are the most professional pharmaceutical practitioners. Our company regards the quality of medicines as life. You don't have to worry about product quality.

VII. We have spent a year developing the model market and exploring the market development characteristics and profit model of Sunshine Elderly:

Take the market of a medium-sized area (second-tier city) as an example. You may need to invest a total of 10-15 million yuan, and you will have a return of about 1.4 million yuan within 5 years, and then at least 800,000 yuan per year, and continue to grow. .

If you have a dream, have passion, and have the ambition to start a business! Embark on the "Baishan" ship! Let us all like-minded people make a great difference! Create brilliant!

Interested parties please fill out the attached form and reply to the email address: baishanyiyao@163.com

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