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Filial piety is the first among Baishan, and it comes from Baishan.
Confucius said: "Fu Xiao, tian zhi jing ye,di zhi yi ye,ren zhi xing ye"
"Xiao culture" which is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, has a long history and is extensive and profound. Playing a pivotal role in Chinese history.
Today, with the development of social economy and the aging of the population, the issue of old-age care has become the focus. I don't know when it has been, and filial piety has gradually faded in the concept of some people. At the same time, the elderly in the modern age have higher and higher requirements for life and health. The living conditions of the elderly are a manifestation of a country and a social civilization. Therefore, the reshaping of filial piety culture has become a requirement of history and a problem that must be emphasized in building a harmonious society.
Baishan Medicine strives to inherit and carry forward the traditional filial piety culture through its own product and service concept, and to provide comprehensive health services for the elderly in light of the needs of the real society, and to provide assistance to those who are filial.


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